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Step by Step Process to Get Artist Card in India
The world of art and media is no doubt a charming place to be. It’s like the golden world of fairy tale books, however that is not it. No matter how charming the world seems to be from outside, it is very hard to get in, not to mention one needs to be extremely lucky. Every person who wants to be in Bollywood or struggling hard to get a chance needs to have two kinds of stuffs. One is a stunning portfolio and the other one is artist card.  From just a daily wage earner or laborer or junior artist to a groundbreaking Bollywood actor, no matter what kind of job you want from the Cine industry, you need to have an artist card for safeguarding your security.

What Is An Artist Card?
An artist card is a gateway to Bollywood film industry. In Chennai, and also places like Mumbai the heart of Bollywood, this is a mandatory thing. The cost of an artist card is between Rs.380/- onwards only.

Why Do You Need Artist Card:
Primarily artist card is needed as it offers a protection to an artist’s main needs like payments, working hours and so on. When a large production house requires a huge number of junior artists, the authentic organizations produce these cards. Let’s take a note of the other reasons behind getting an artist card:
  • This card may be useful in particular for junior artists who do not have any professional training or who are devoid of any ambition to be the ‘super star’ in near future. Generally they don’t have dialogues or one or two perhaps. They may come from a community which sees acting as just a job to earn daily bread rather than an actual art. This is valid for people like makeup artist
  • You can appeal to the union if you are a registered junior artist with an artist card in case the casting directors ask you to do overtime without any valid overtime.
  • An actor with artist card and professionally trained may get better chance compared to an artist with union card holder.
Anyway this doesn’t mean that you can’t go without it since there are examples of people who had seen face of success without it. But it acts as a positive catalyst to fasten your progress.

How Can I Get Artist Card?
Since the process is quite problematic, lots of people wonder how they can get artist card. Let’s take a look at the process:
  • Be cautious about the fake ones. Remember any casting director, coordinator or any production house who ask for an artist card in order to give you a role or a break in the film and also ready to issue an artist card for you is more likely to be 100% fake.
  • Be careful about not paying anything in case you get a mail just after applying online with the portfolio, confirming your selection without any kind of audition.

There are some documents that you will be required which are:
  • 5 copy passport size photographs
  • Copy of any one of these-Pan Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Residential Proof, Voter ID Card