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Step by Step Process to Get Artist Card in India
The world of art and media is no doubt a charming place to be. It’s like the golden world of fairy tale books, however that is not it. No matter how charming the world seems to be from outside, it is very hard to get in, not to mention one needs to be extremely lucky. Every person who wants to be in Bollywood or struggling hard to get a chance needs to have two kinds of stuffs. One is a stunning portfolio and the other one is artist card.  From just a daily wage earner or laborer or junior artist to a groundbreaking Bollywood actor, no matter what kind of job you want from the Cine industry, you need to have an artist card for safeguarding your security.

What Is An Artist Card?
An artist card is a gateway to Bollywood film industry. In Chennai, and also places like Mumbai the heart of Bollywood, this is a mandatory thing. The cost of an artist card is between Rs.
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